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Ubersense android sharing
20 Jan 2015

Android 1.1 Update

This update introduces video sharing & syncing capabilities into the Ubersense Android app. Our team is really excited about releasing this feature, and we can tell that many of you are as well. You will now be able to send and receive videos directly from your app with the push of

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Golf Swing Change
12 Jan 2015

The Best Time to Make Major Swing Changes

If you have been considering making changes to your swing or mechanics, now is the time to do it. Many of the coaches we have spoken with recently said that the offseason is the best time to implement mechanical changes. Undergoing a change, however big or small, takes time and repetition to

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golf flexibility
19 Dec 2014

Why You Should Focus on Golf Flexibility This Offseason

One of the most important components of a good golf swing is flexibility. says that “most PGA Tour professionals have 50 to 100 percent more flexibility in their upper body than the average person.” The offseason is a perfect time for you to focus and improve upon their on your flexibility. A

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Jesse Struebing Golf Lessons
12 Dec 2014

How to Create the Perfect Indoor Golf Practice Setup

In many areas of the world, Golf is a seasonal sport. That shouldn’t prevent golfers from practicing and instructors from teaching lessons. We’ve spoken with many instructors who have setup their own indoor teaching stations (see Jesse Struebing‘s facility pictured above) to provide a weather-resistant practice and teaching environment. Here are the

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11 Dec 2014

Tips For Indoor Baseball Training This Winter

With the new year fast approaching, many of us are already beginning to prepare for baseball season. But the winter months force plenty of players and coaches indoors and off the field. Indoor training can be challenging. We asked three baseball coaches from the Ubersense community to provide some helpful tips for offseason training,

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Ubersense Mirroring
11 Dec 2014

How to mirror your Ubersense app on a Mac computer

With iOS 8 and the latest version of Mac computer software (OS X Yosemite), you can now mirror your iPhone or iPad on your computer. Here’s what you’ll need and the steps to do this:. Required Lightning cable (USB cord) iPhone 5 or later or iPad mini or Air Quicktime

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