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23 Jun 2015

Ubersense Will Become Hudl Technique | FAQ

On July 16th, Ubersense will become Hudl Technique. What’s in it for you? More features and constant improvements. In fact, we’re currently working on some exciting updates that will be released soon. Here’s everything you need to know about the change.  

Anthony Galvan 2
25 Mar 2015

Analyze Your Golf Swing: Down the Line View

In part 1 of this series we talked about what positions to look for when analyzing your swing video from the face on camera angle. In this post, we dissect the key reference points to check when viewing your swing videos from the down the line view. Address A proper setup

Bill Schmedes III 2
16 Mar 2015

How to Analyze a Golf Swing: Face On View

Over the years there has been vast improvement in technology bringing virtually anything you’re interested in straight to your fingertips. The game of golf and golf instruction is no different! Technology has not only changed the way I think, as a golf instructor it’s also changed how I teach. Improvements

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11 Mar 2015

Android Version 1.1.3 Update

This update enhances the commenting feature in the app. Now you can see the full comment thread for any video on your video list  by tapping on the comment indicator to expand the thread. You can use the comment to add more info to your video, ask questions or respond

Alex Pedicini 4
26 Feb 2015

10 Ways to Get The Most Out of Ubersense This Season

Now that your back to the grind and looking to take your game to the next level, we’re here to help you raise your Ubersense game, too. Here’s a list of 10 simple ways to get the most out of Ubersense this season.   1. Give more live feedback and try some bigger

Anthony Galvan 10
26 Feb 2015

Best of February: The Top Reviews from the Community

One of the most powerful features in Ubersense is the ability to save audio commentary and annotations over a video. We call this creating a ‘Video Review.’ This feature is used to provide additional feedback, recap things you worked on at practice, or even coach athletes remotely. With that in mind,

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