Congratulations Tom Lehman and Jay Don Blake!

UberSense would like to congratulate Jay Don Blake for winning at the TPC Harding Park and Tom Lehman for the Charles Schwab Cup win!

We were at the TPC Harding park helping out on the long-drive committee. It was awesome watching these greats play even under harsh weather conditions; well, for Golf, a combination of rain, cold, wind coming in from the San Francisco bay is rather harsh. As is expected, Tom Watson and Fred Couples were crowd favorites in terms of the number of people following them around the course.

The best part about serving on the long-drive committee is to witness some of these guys drive 260+ yards effortlessly. Drives of note were when Russ Cochran slamed a 305 yarder on the 4th, which was the longest of the tournament as I know it. Another one was when Kenny Perry landed his drive from the 4th tee directly onto the 6th green where Jeff Sluman was just about to putt.

Golf is an interesting game, and a day watching the greats play makes you want to play even more!



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