Ubersense Golf Success Story: Ian C.

This week Ian C. of Australia presents the story behind his amazingly fast swing transformation. Ian has been able to drop 6-10 strokes from his game in under a month and was kind enough to share his success with us.

Recently I began looking for any iPhone apps that may help me overcome some of the faults in my swing that I’ve had since I began playing golf 20 odd years ago. Initially, I found a few apps that gave me tips and instruction on the fundamentals of creating a good swing that can be reproduced time and time again. Then, I found SwingReader. Over the years I have had other players offer their insight into what I might be doing wrong, but until I actually saw myself swing a club in a video using SwingReader I couldn’t put their seemingly helpful advice into practice. I swung the club and hit the ball and the moment quickly passed. Although the advice was good, I couldn’t picture in my mind what I had done wrong with respect to what I had been told.

But now I can easily capture ‘that moment in time’ and watch it over and over to identify where I was going wrong.  Being able to ‘swipe’ my video in slow mo forward and backward at any part of my swing showed me the little things that even the most trained eye might miss, such as the little dance the head of my club would do at the top of my backswing. The first few videos I watched showed me that I was winding up way too much, causing me to swing back over the top often resulting in a slice. My left heel (I am right-handed) was lifting during the backswing, and it was obvious I was compensating for my huge windup. When I used the side-by-side comparison with my own videos, I noticed that I was consistent in my swing from shot to shot, so I thought I could retrain myself to be consistently right. It was when I loaded the pro video alongside mine that the penny really started to drop on how I could improve or fix the problems I had no idea I had.

I used the graphic function to draw some lines on the Pros to watch their swing plane and posture. Then I did the same with my videos and could plainly see where I was going wrong, I have also searched YouTube for pros giving tips on everything from how to hold the club, where to position the ball in my stance for different shots and most importantly, the mechanics of creating a sound swing.


So in conjunction with using the functionality of Ubersense and a few very helpful tips from YouTube, I am slowly fixing the faults and have had huge success in actually consistently hitting the ball straighter and I am now hitting more fairways than ever before. With my swing now slowly improving, I am finding I have more confidence in choosing the club I need to shoot at the green instead of wondering whether the club I choose will get me out of the rough, not to mention longer, straighter drives and fewer strokes. For most of my golfing life, I have rarely broken the 100 barrier, and now in just a couple of weeks I am hitting consistent low 90’s and even hit a high 80 game last week.

I recommend using Ubersense to help identify any problems you might have with your swing and to monitor your improvements.

Ian C.

Adelaide, South Australia

Alex Pedicini

Alex Pedicini

Alex is the community manager at Hudl (previously Ubersense). Before starting at Ubersense Alex worked in scouting for the New York Yankees.

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